COP Activity to Brydges Centre- A reminder of Personal Growth

|By Ivy Omoyo|

The beauty about having a relationship between the University and an institution is witnessing the growth. My first activity ever at Brydges Centre during my first year was one for the books. The next one, though familiar, was different in its own way, and so was this one. Located in Isinya, the Centre cares for physical, educational and spiritual needs of orphaned, abandoned, and abused children in Kenya. 

I vividly remember us watering the seedlings that have now blossomed into beautiful towering plants; also a reminder of personal growth. It has always been a good time with the children around. In my opinion, no activity brings people closer. The smile on the faces of the young ones is a reminder of what great good our little gesture does. It is fulfilling; heart-warming. The welcome we receive never disappoints. This bright and warm Saturday of March was no different! We spent the day cleaning, cooking, playing, and bonding. The goodbye at the end of what was a fulfilling day was marked by the customary group picture before we boarded the bus.

 Having tagged my family along for the day, here’s what they had to say:

“Beautiful day it was to spend with such lovely and lively kids. I had the chance to meet and interact with very welcoming and funny team (COP) members, whose cooperation was top tier. It was an awesome experience,” Vallary said.

“I enjoyed helping in the activities of the day and getting to know both the kids and the team from Strathmore. I had so much fun, and hope to be a part of it again,” Joseph.

“It was great and amazing,” Ruth said.


Need more be said?