In this world, there are still people who care about others

| By Husna Kipsoi |

Being part of COP Strathmore is always a life-changing experience. You’re always challenged, encouraged, cheered up and cheered on, all at the same time. I have been a beneficiary of this. Here’s my story…

This past weekend, we got to visit Wings of Compassion, a home for rescued teenage mothers. I had only been there once before, but I hadn’t yet heard their stories. And this time, I did. A few of them shared their journeys, how they ended up at the home and their children. To put it simply, it was absolutely moving. To be in the presence of brave young ladies who had gone through so much to get to where they were, who now raised up children and were going to school at the same time, was an experience I can’t quite put into words. They were making bold beautiful steps to rising above what was a hugely life-changing experience and even more, to still dreaming again. For some of the ladies, they felt like their lives were over once they got pregnant, this being coupled with their unique circumstances that they found themselves in. But throughout their healing process, which still continues, one overarching reminder they were given is that they can still dream, they can still live life, they can still be joyful and whole.

Another beautiful memory I have of Saturday is of the couple who are the owners and directors of the home. They committed themselves to helping these young ladies, taking their burdens as their own, loving their children and walking with them towards healing and independence. When I look at the world, it’s easy to feel sadness and despair as I see brokenness, pain and hurt. Sure, the temptation to feel as if this is all there is comes up. But no. I was reminded that there are still people who care about others, there are still those whose hearts are bent towards making others’ experience on this earth warm, loving and calm. And my heart becomes massively encouraged. One person’s story, one person’s testimony can change hearts, shift perspectives, evoke love. And this is what happened for me at Wings of Compassion with COP.