Life is a Gift – Be Grateful

| By Samson Wesula |

For me the COP experience begins when I comment my name on the list. I always look forward to the weekend because with each activity you get to learn, experience something new and to interact with different people whom at the end of the day will call a friend.

The previous Saturday, 15th of June 2019 we had the privilege to travel to Limuru to visit Alpha Joy, an orphanage which started as a result of the HIV/AIDS epidemic that affected most of the parents within the area and left the children as orphans.

Being Limuru, the weather was extremely cold even inside the dining hall most of us were firmly gripping on to our jackets. The host ushered the children to stage, who then welcomed us with a song and continued to sing more songs energetically, but one poem which they recited got my attention. It was a line they kept on repeating before they went to the next verse. I can’t remember exactly how the line went but it was a reminder that nothing can stop them from achieving their dreams.

Of course, we all have dreams, those children have dreams, but what differentiates us is the opportunity we have. Yes, they may not have the luxurious items we treasure in life but that doesn’t stop them from enjoying life with the little they have and pursue their dreams in the various levels of education they are currently in.

As I said earlier, you learn a lot from each activity which you can apply in your own life. You! Yes! You who thinks you do not have a lot in life, take a minute and put yourself in this child’s shoes. BE GRATETFUL!

My prayer for these children is to keep their dreams alive because it is through dreams that we are able to see the bigger picture and endure the challenges that we face in life and also for God to continue providing them with whatever they need and more.