Mentoring Camp Experience- Stephanie Wambua

| By Stephanie Wambua |

Kitui was mind blowing, heart-warming. It’s in Kitui that I was reminded to stop normalizing blessings. Blessings I mean the chance to be in a school with an amazing and conducive environment for instance with trees all over such as the schools I have been through so far. Again to stop normalizing the privilege of being brought up in families where missing school because of school fees arrears is something foreign or seeking funds from different channels in order to pay school fees as something foreign too, owing to the fact that our parents have always been in a position to clear payments with what they earn. I learnt that these privileges are not just normal but rather are blessings we should consistently be grateful for to God.

I had the privilege to learn that there are people out there who need someone to learn from, to be inspired by and  to share their story with just as some of us have grown up with mentors in our schools who encourage and motivate us often. I realized how important it is to share the vast knowledge and experiences we all have at our various capacities because there’s always someone in need of it. Hence if possible it’s wise to be part of work camps because it is in giving that we receive in return.

Stephanie took part in a mentoring work camp that was held in Kitui County in March. This was her first time being in such a camp. Together with other volunteers from Strathmore, they visited different highschools talking to and encouraging young girls and boys with an aim of making them think beyong their county.