Strive to Be the Best- Violet Mogeni

|By Catherine Buretti|

Being the first born in a family of six, her main goal in life was to become a successful entrepreneur. Having been brought up in a small village in Nyamira by a single mother who was the biggest motivation for Violet Mogeni, life came to a pause when the pillar in her life passed on. It was a difficult time for her having been in school; and having to mind her siblings. Despite it all, she beat the odds. Having a sit-down with Violet Mogeni inspired me to get on my feet and do more. As challenging as her story is, she is one cheerful and self-driven person.

On September 24, 2021, she will be graduating with a first class honours Bachelor of Commerce– Finance Major – degree. This does not come unexpected though. She holds herself with grace and a go-to attitude.

“Growing up, I dreamt of being a businesswoman which stemmed from my passion to uplift those who were struggling in society and create more jobs. Back in high school, I enrolled in the Macheo achievement programme which exposed me to Strathmore University and life on campus. That is where I developed an interest to join the University and my Strathmore experience has been exhilarating, much as I expected it to be.”

While in Strathmore, I joined the Community Outreach Programme (COP), taking in a lot of knowledge and experience from work camps and learning that we need to put service above us. One memorable event I will hold on to for a long time is a visit to the youth section at the Kamiti Maximum Prison. It was quite an emotional visit hearing the life stories of those young people and how they aspire to be and do better. It brought me to tears. All they wanted was to be better people and that prompted me to see what more I can do to improve myself. For a period of time, I was the treasurer of the Strathmore Chorale: A memorable moment was the Chorale’s visit to  State House. It was such a big accomplishment being able to perform before the President.”

Other than being an all rounded professional, she enjoys other day-to-day activities such as having ice cream with friends. “Being in Strathmore, I learnt how to network and interact easily and quickly with people. That was one thing I am forever grateful for. It has taught me how to maneuver effortlessly in the business world.”

I was a module leader in a number of the units of my course. Outside school I had started a business of my own, selling electronics, which I aspire to expand. I can confidently say that is actually the greatest achievement so far. I want to be my own boss (laughs). That is the dream!

So, what next after graduation?

I am currently temporarily working at Due Diligence Africa as a compliance analyst but I aspire to get a full time job at Binance Company where I can take my dreams a notch higher and empower myself and others. As for celebrating afterwards, I am not sure how I’ll do it –  I’ve not thought about it yet! Taking it a day at a time (laughing heartily).

What words of wisdom to ongoing students?

One thing I can leave behind is, always strive to be the best. In all you pursue, give it your all. That is going to launch you to achieve your dreams. Look for something that sets your heart on fire and you will achieve every goal you set your mind to.”

Hearty congratulations to Violet!

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