SU’s journey with schools in Kitui County

St. Peter’s Manzi Itumo Secondary School is one of the schools that Strathmore University supports in terms of mentorship and guidance. It was established in 2017 with just 10 volunteer teachers and three classrooms serving multiple purposes; a staffroom, laboratory, and store in one class, form 1 & 2 in the second class, and form 3 & 4 in the last class. The school faced numerous challenges at its inception. However, with the support of Strathmore University and Nationwide Electronics Ltd, the school has witnessed remarkable growth and transformation over the years.

In June 2023, Strathmore Community Service team embarked on a transformative journey, carrying their beacon of light and knowledge to high schools in Kitui. This time, their impact reached higher heights, leaving a lasting impression on numerous schools within the span of two weeks. It was an honour for both the schools and the dedicated Strathmore Community Outreach Program(COP) team that was accompanied by Dr. Edward Mungai, Deputy Vice Chancellor, Planning Division and Mr. Luis Borrallo, Director, Community Service Centre.

They had the privilege of observing the ongoing projects that had been running in the schools. Seeing the impact of the University’s effort and witnessing the bright smiles on the faces of the students reaffirmed the importance of their work and fueled their passion to continue making a difference.

One of the most significant improvements has been the provision of electricity and water supply to the school. Previously deprived of these essential services, the collaboration between SU and Nationwide Electronics Ltd has brought light and running water to the classrooms. This transformative change has not only enhanced the learning environment but has also empowered both students and teachers to excel in their education.

In addition, through the mentorship and guidance provided by the Strathmore team, the students have experienced a remarkable improvement in their academic performance, overall well-being, and character development. The University’s commitment to supporting the school in various aspects, such as career choices and personal growth, has undoubtedly contributed to the students’ holistic development.

The school has as well taken great strides in developing its facilities, constructing a kitchen and a boys’ toilets. Despite limited resources, the school’s commitment to enhancing hygiene and sanitation standards is evident through these achievements. These additions contribute to a healthier and more conducive environment for students to thrive.