Core Projects

a.) Kwetu Home of Peace (KHP)

Kwetu Home of Peace is a rehabilitation center for street boys, which has embraced the three-pronged approach of Rescue, Rehabilitate, and Reintegrate. KHP has two centers, Madaraka and Ruai, where the boys who agree to go through rehabilitation call home for two years. During this rehabilitation period, the families of the boys are also taken through training and counseling in order to ensure the boys are well integrated when they go back home. During the rehabilitation process, the boys are also taken back to school. Currently, they have more than 50 in various levels of learning.

By The Numbers: Last year, KHP had 6 of the boys sit for their KCPE exam, with the highest scoring 382 marks and the lowest scoring 289 marks. All of them have now joined high schools through a scholarship program.

Thus far we have participated in the mentoring and rehabilitation of roughly 400 street boys over the last 5 years. 

b.) Wings of Compassion

This is a rescue center for teenage mothers, located in the heart of Marurui slums. The rescue center provides refuge for the teen mums and their children as they seek to provide counseling for them and take them back to school. The girls range between ages 9-18.

We have been supporting teenage mothers and their children for more than 5 years now. Recently we donated 8 laptops and 2 computers that have facilitated learning at the center

c.) Prisons Education Programme

From the year 2003, we have been working on a rehabilitation program with Kenyan Prisons, through the provision of scholarships in accounting related courses to inmates and prison wardens. This is aimed at providing opportunities for inmates who are released and are considered for job opportunities. We complement their learning with the provision of computers and a sports program. We are currently working with Naivasha, Kamiti, and Nairobi West Prisons. Conversations with Langata Prisons are scheduled for 2020.

Note: We have successfully seen inmates being released as part of their commitment to learning. One of them is scheduled to graduate with a degree in commerce from Kenyatta University this year (2020)

Thus far we have supported 58 prisoners and 10 wardens

d.) Angels’ Center

Angels’ Center is a refuge to roughly 40 children located in Waithaka, Dagoretti. Some are just born, others are up to  8 years old. The home provides shelter, warmth, and love for the abandoned and rescued babies within the locality.

By the numbers: We have been working with Angels center since the year 2013, and have supported more than 300 abandoned babies to date. 

e.) Missionaries of Charity Langata

This is a rescue center for physically challenged and abandoned young women, which is managed by the Missionaries of Charity, inspired by Mother Teresa. The rescue center depends for its support on divine providence and does not accept formal partnerships. They accept donations from anybody who is in their heart willing to donate to them.

f.) Work and Mentoring camps

We run programs with partners, students, staff, and alumni, whereby a team of volunteers go into a rural community and work on an infrastructural project or on the mentoring of high school students for an average duration of one week.

  • Work Camps: volunteers work as unskilled manual laborers in construction and infrastructure rehabilitation projects. The idea is to reduce labor costs for a project, enhance belief among the local community that they have the capacity to improve on their situation with a bit of external help and give a deeper meaning to the volunteers’ work. Thus far we have managed to assist in the building of 3 churches, renovated more than 20 classrooms, built a maternity ward in Marakwet, built a 200 capacity dormitory and 400 capacity dining hall in Kitui, etc., to mention but a few.
  • Mentoring Camps (Kisumu, Kwale, Kitui, and Nairobi): we run life skills and character development sessions with high school students in the aforementioned areas. Our focus is to cultivate hope, discipline, and a yearning to pursue excellence in the secondary school students. We have discussions with the high school students, aiming to share ideas on what they can do  to improve their lives.
Other Programs