VC Run 2023: The enduring spirit of Strathmore stands triumphant

|By Keith Albert and Francis Kabutu|

A murmur of anticipation echoes through the crowd… they know a story is about to unfold — one that will surely transcend time. Why? It gives voice to our aspirations to keep a Stratizen learning, and the promise of dreams within reach.

The sun’s first rays attempt to pierce through the frosty morning mist, unveiling a scene of determination at the Strathmore Sports complex. Though the crisp, chilly air nips at their skin, our heroes return to the VC run determined to make the 2023 run for impact memorable. Even the Olympic champion, Henry Wanyoike makes a return! Our partners, organisers, and die-hard participants are without a doubt the perennial champions of hope and goodwill. This year, our Vice Chancellor and VC run champion – Dr. Vincent Ogutu, has the promise of really good company. Their breath fogs up the atmosphere, a testament to their unrelenting fervour.

The frigid earth crunches beneath the runners’ feet, as they gather in unity, drawing from each other’s strength in preparation for the legendary challenge that awaits. With each heartbeat, they stand poised like embers awaiting the breath of life, ready to blaze a trail across the 5KM, 10KM, and 21KM routes in tribute to the dreams and aspirations of young Stratizens.



In an enthralling display of grit and endurance, participants hailing from various departments, backgrounds, and age groups have braved the starting line with one common mission: to empower and uplift the Strathmore community through scholarships for financially underprivileged students.

Stepping onto the stage once more,  Dr. Vincent Ogutu, becomes the beacon of inspiration to those around him as he reminds his audience that every step and every sweat in the run, educates a Stratizen.

The atmosphere is electric and dramatic, with a sense of camaraderie and purpose permeating the air. Old friends reunite, and new faces join the growing community of runners, all eager to make a difference.

With the Strathmore flag at hand, University Council Chair Mrs. Bernadette Musundi flags off the run as the sound of pounding footsteps fills the air while the participants embark on their respective routes.

From our vantage point in the service van, which by now was electrified by enthusiastic exclamations of “Zeddy take the shot” directed at our affable photographer every few moments, we marvel at how well the community receives the idea of the run.



Let’s get back to the track… the support by smiling volunteers, spectators lining the route, and enthusiastic motorists honking in solidarity, and with some pausing to give way, the runners receive nothing short of a hero’s salute. Even Mother Nature seems to be in good moods today- in a way, celebrating the occasion and generously allowing the runners a refreshing breeze and welcoming sunshine.

Throughout the winding, scenic passages of Nairobi’s Lang’ata road just past Uhuru Gardens, the runners do not just find their pace, but also find  themselves driving their indomitable spirit to make this run historic. It is a spell of smooth running towards Galleria Shopping Mall, through Magadi road, down Catholic University, and back down to Lang’ata road towards Madaraka Estate. Tuzo, one of the runners alongside our VC has come with his 360 camera to capture every moment- have you seen the funny panorama view this camera gives? He joins us in a laugh.

At the Uhuru Gardens footbridge, as they have done on almost all the footbridges lining this road, our photography and social media teams are half-running and ducking under rails to capture the picturesque views of our runners. We even capture one of the runners gently placing  his used water tumbler on a garbage bag being carried by someone from Makes sense why we haven’t seen litter all the way… #Sustainability! Vogue should capture this for their May Magazine… haha!

The race is not without its supporting cast or is it the unsung heroes? The route is dotted with numerous hydration points, offering moments of reprieve for the athletes to refuel and rejuvenate, the Communications team, and security marshals.

As the runners trickle in to the finish line, celebrations by the waiting party erupt, fueled by camaraderie, gratitude, and proud accomplishment. The fittest VC in Kenya- if we dare say so ourselves, shortly sprints past us, crossing the finishing line to a crescendo of cheers and applause just as the sun starts sneaking in some rays at 9 am,  and casting a golden glow on the joyful faces of those who showed up for this event.


As the curtains fall on the 2023 VC run, children are drawn to the playing areas- that even have a bouncing castle, laughing and enjoying just being kids. Among the crowd of jubilant participants, 73 year old “Mzee Kijana” Surinder who finished the 10 KM run in 1hr 18 mins stands tall and proud. He has been running for 20 years defying both age and expectations. Oh, he has also been supporting our Scholarship cause since his daughter graduated from Strathmore ten years ago. What a soul!


Marking the success of our heroes and those who joined them on the journey, a vibrant fete ensues, as laughter and music mingle with the sweet scent of the victors’ rewards, enveloping the rejoicing crowd in a jubilant embrace.


This run for impact is testament that the enduring spirit of Strathmore continues to stand triumphant. The  run, now sewn into the fabric of Strathmore University, shall endure as a masterpiece of unified action- a symbol of the infinite power of selflessness, among the Strathmore family and its friends. Truly, the tale of limitless potential, opportunity, and unwavering commitment to secure a bright future for our students.


You too can be part of this great story… see how here.

May each note of today’s symphony become the anthem for future victories!