Macheo Programme Makes it to the Final of GBSN Competition

The Community Service Centre submitted an entry about the Macheo programme to the Going Beyond Awards competition. The final took place online on 16 November 2021. There were 52 submissions from universities all around the world. There were 52 submissions from universities from all over the world and the Macheo project made it to the last four.

The Macheo Achievement Programme is an after-school programme that helps students from the informal settlements in Nairobi complete secondary schools and improve their grades and their character.

The Going BEYOND Awards are designed to highlight and share programs and initiatives that strengthen society, demonstrate community impact and embody the spirit of inclusive and sustainable development. Their website says about the submissions: “qualifying entries describe programs and initiatives that have demonstrated a positive impact on society BEYOND the traditional degree programs offered by institutions and academic research published in journals.”

Mr. Luis Borrallo, Director of the Community Service Centre where the Macheo project is located, said that he was happy that Macheo is getting more international recognition. He also added that his office is just levelling the playing ground so that these secondary school students with less resources can also flourish and accomplish their goals. “My experience is that many of the students in Macheo are like rough diamonds; they need a bit of cleaning and polishing but are very talented. What they need is an opportunity”.

But he also requested for more Strathmore students to volunteer in the programme that takes place on campus on Saturday afternoons. “We need mentors and volunteers to run many of the activities of Macheo. With the onset of COVID and the long closure of the schools and the University, many of our student volunteers disappeared. We are looking for new people who are willing to give of their time to transform the lives of their younger brothers and sisters. Those interested can pass by the Community Service Centre office in the 3rd floor of the Students Centre and leave their details there.”

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